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E-signatures: 3 mistakes to avoid

Things have changed fast, haven’t they? Here I am, blogging about electronic signatures. You could be reading this on your phone. But it’s not that long since business was always
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Could your contracts win a Nobel Prize for Economics?

This year’s Nobel Prize for Economics went to two researchers who specialise in… Contract Theory. Er, Contract Theory? Yes, I was surprised too. Although the more I think about it,
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Debunked! The top four Contract Management Software myths

Four Business Solutions CEO John O’Brien mulls over the issues that matter. I often come across people who are thinking about investing in Contract Management Software (CMS), but get put
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4 Best Practices For Selecting Contract Management Software

Every business leader seeks operational efficiencies to ensure effective expense management by eliminating unnecessary costs and streamlining operations. For many businesses, the right and leading contract management software and lifecycle

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