LATEST RELEASE: Contract Insight® 17.3.1

Everything you need to know about enterprise contract management software from Four Business Solutions

Contract Insight® version 17.3.1 is here with new features to enhance and improve your contract management system. New features like Launch Pad Tiles, survey tools and Google Drive integration will help you and your team become more organised and equipped with the right tools to succeed.  Discover what’s new with Contract Insight and get started today with better usability and governance over your CLM system.

Latest benefits and enhancements to Contract Insight

  • User Dashboard Launch Pads
  • Document Collaboration, E-Signature Portal and Vendor/Client Gateway User Interface Enhancements
  • Smart(er) Fields
  • Workflow Management
  • Survey Enhancements for Employees and Vendors
  • Google Drive and OneDrive 365 Integrations
  • Simplified Data Redaction
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Set Clause Formatting
  • Calendar Updates With iCal
  • Quick Search Results Filtering
  • Integrated Vendor Intelligence

User Dashboard Launch Pads

Whatever you choose to pin on your Launch Pad is up to you – make it your own

Launch Pad Tiles have been added to User Dashboards.  These tiles are similar to a taskbar or apps.  You can pin select areas of the system that you visit frequently or show summarised numerical information from an ad-hoc report, such as how many contracts are up for renewal or how many pending requests you have.  Launch Pad Tiles can link both inside and outside the system. Depending on your requirements, you may want to link to an industry-specific website or to the ‘View All Contracts’ page within your system. 

Document Collaboration, E-Signature Portal and Vendor/Client Gateway User Interface Enhancements

Now you can enjoy Contract Insight’s user interface visual experience throughout the software modules.

The Document Collaboration, E-Signature Portal and the Vendor/Client Gateway now match the colour scheme, style and user-friendly experience of the core Contract Insight system.  Your vendors, counterparties and business colleagues can now have the same intuitive visual experience that Contract Insight users are used to.

Smart(er) Fields

Create Smart(er) Fields, which display numerical info such as key dates or budget details taken from other fields within your system

Smart(er) Fields allow users to create fields that will calculate the value between two separate fields or a field and a specified number by adding, subtracting, dividing, or multiplying numerical fields within Contract Insight. Here are some ways users can use Smart(er) Fields:

  • easily define periodic payment amounts by dividing the total contract amount by the payment schedule
  • automatically calculate the date for key dates (i.e. legal review) to stay ahead of schedule for deadlines and expiry dates
  • combine a string of text and/or fields – easily create a new Contract Number by combining the Vendor Name and Effective Date field data.

Workflow Management

Stay on track with alerts and assign users tasks on rotation; improve and optimise your workflow

  • Notification alerts: users can clear notifications for completed or past tasks that appear under the notification (bell) icon in the header menu.  Stay organised and just keep the active notifications you need.
  • Rotating task assignments:Tasks can be assigned by rotating to users of specific roles or groups, meaning the same person won’t always be assigned the same task and instead the tasks will rotate among the appropriate users for them to complete.

Survey Enhancements for Employees and Vendors

Discover new survey tools to help you gather the information you need easily and efficiently

Our survey tools can be used for an improved user experience, scheduled vendor check-ins, bid questionnaires, employee satisfaction surveys, policy compliance etc.

 Here are some of the ways you can use surveys within Contract Insight:

  • Email notifications:collecting survey responses has never been easier with Contract Insight email notifications.  Assigned survey participants can now receive an email with a link to take the survey.
  • Easier user experience: create ‘wizard-based’ questionnaires throughout your system to help users find what they need, based on their responses. These shortcuts can create a seamless user experience while allowing the user to navigate the system faster.
  • Internal employee respondents:users can now send surveys both internally and externally.  Internal users can be sent a survey by email or by simply accessing it in the system. 
  • Employee surveys:authorised users can assign individual employees a survey through their employee details record. This can help with onboarding, employee satisfaction surveys, policy compliance etc.
  • Response scoring:set scores for survey questions to calculate responses. This helps users assign a scoring key to track scores that are considered good/acceptable and bad/not ideal. Scores can be viewed in survey responses and will show a colour representation of a good or bad score on the survey results page.

Google Drive and OneDrive 365 Integrations

Easily upload files to your Google Drive or OneDrive 365 from within Contract Insight.

Users can now import files from and upload files to a Google Drive and/or OneDrive 365 account for contract and e-sourcing records.  This is done from the new Cloud Apps – File Storage page in Contract Insight that allows users to add a Google Drive and/or One Drive 365 account.

Simplified Data Redaction

Safeguarding sensitive contract data has never been easier 

Ensure that your users are only seeing the information they need by enabling Contract Insight’s enhanced security features, allowing the ability to restrict data based on user role.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Increase system security with user-specific security questions and validation codes

An extra layer of login security credentials can be added so system users require to provide a code or answer a personal question in addition to their username and password on signing into Contract Insight.

Set Clause Formatting

Choose to keep original formatting or match the new formatting when merging clauses together in a document

When merging clauses with documents, users can set merged clauses to either keep their original format or match the format of the document they are merging with.  This will be useful for those clauses you have specifically formatted and want to keep alterations to a minimum after drafting.

Calendar Updates With iCal

See your upcoming tasks and reminders anywhere, anytime, on desktop or mobile

Users can access task reminders in the office or on the go through their email calendar with iCal integration. You can automatically add task reminders such as contract end date alerts and bid close date alerts to your email calendar so you have easy access to your schedule anywhere, anytime.  The system can automatically add task reminders to calendars for popular providers such as Microsoft Outlook.

Calendar updates can be added through the system user’s default email used for Contract Insight.

Quick Search Results Filtering

Choose which categories you want to see in your quick search results

Users can now choose what they want to see in their quick search results.  For example, rather than seeing all contracts associated with your search, you can establish pre-defined criteria for results like restricting all archived contracts.

Integrated Vendor Intelligence

Simplify vendor risk monitoring with D&B integration

Contract Insight now supports integration with Dun & Bradstreet. The integration allows system admins to set up a schedule in our software to pull vendor information from Dun & Bradstreet.  The Dun & Bradstreet integration will periodically check if vendor/customer records with a D&B number need any info updated on their record in Contract Insight and will pull new data from D&B. 

Get Started With Contract Insight 17.3.1

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