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28 OctImprove contract management processes for better ROI

Contract managers, contract administration professionals, and corporate legal teams can find it difficult to show clear contract management ROI to executive…

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10 AprROI of Contract Management Software

Four ways to manage your contracts Whenever you invest in anything new for your organisation, you need to know you’re making…

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05 JulContract Authoring – what you need to know to get started

Contract authoring is one of the most important stages in the life of a contract. An inefficient contract authoring process often relies on decentralised clauses, lacklustre compliance management and version tracking, inadequate line item management and a lack of unification of contracts and subcontracts. These contract management pitfalls can hinder organisations and result in error-prone contracts with missing or misplaced clauses, overlooked key dates and milestones and a disorganised process that stalls the contract lifecycle. Luckily, leading contract management software can provide intelligent contract authoring. Read on to learn how to simplify and modernise the contract authoring process.

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18 MayThree contract risk management tools to protect your organisation

Reviewing contract risk can be time-consuming, challenging,and stressful. Manually assessing risk factors can cost your organisation extra time and money while increasing the risk of inadvertent human oversights. While you can do your best to carefully track risk factors, including negligent clause language, this can prove challenging when dealing with multiple stakeholders and pressing deadlines. Read on to learn how three contract risk management tools within contract management software can help protect your organisation from the risks of poor contract management and, in some cases, your job.

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08 MayFour must-have contract management system features

2021 has already brought many enhancements and innovations to contract management automation – and contract management technology will not stop enhancing contract management processes any time soon. Your organisation could be missing out on user-friendly and future-minded contract management system tools. As such, here is a list of four must-have contract management software features for a streamlined, simplified, cost-effective, and configurable process for increased ROI.

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