Maximise your investment and your results

Most leading contract management software is easy to set up, configure, and use. Why not maximise your investment and take your expertise to the next level with software training?

You’ll get the most out of your software

Contract management software training will guide you through each step in the process to help you and your team become experts. You’ll get to grips with the usability of the system at a much deeper level. You may be familiar with contract clauses and templates, but intelligent contract management software has what may seem to be endless capabilities. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your software by signing up for expert-led software training.

From e-sourcing to public access portals, you and your team can learn to fully leverage the system in a way which suits your business, curating a toolbox with everything you need to succeed on your own.

Six reasons why you should choose contract management software

1. Discover CLM best practice

Experts in the software can give you and your team insight on how to use the system to best meet your organisation’s needs while incorporating contract lifecycle management (CLM) best practices. Trained software professionals are equipped with the best tips and tricks to effectively use their software, resulting in a higher ROI for you.

2. Increase efficiency

You and your team may be able to easily configure your system and set up contract workflows and alerts, but your users may not be working as efficiently as they could. Software training will steer you through each step in the process, allowing the time for you to work each step with a guide, helping you understand the most efficient way to use your selected system modules.

3. Reduce the time spent on administrative and technical support

Formal contract management training provides you with a sophisticated user manual and experience in dealing with a range of different situations, preparing you for any configuration needed in your system. This will cut down the time spent on administrative and technical support, to ensure you can focus on your day to day business with as little distraction as possible.

4. Get your contract management software up and running quickly

Leading contract management software should be easy to use. But to achieve the best results, it’s best to work with software experts to help ensure you have everything in place and ready to work as you intend it. Intelligent contract management software is completely configurable, and will give your organisation thousands of options based on your system preferences. Having your own in-house experts can help you generate faster, better results.

5. Keep abreast of new updates and features

Your system may be due for an update which you haven’t got round to, maybe because you haven’t had the chance to learn about the new system features. If you schedule training with a software expert, this can make good use of your valuable time to learn about ways to improve your contract management process and use any new, advanced tools.

6. Q & A to share the knowledge

Sometimes one of your team members may have a question about your contract management software that no one in your organisation knows the answer to. Software training gives your team members a chance to collaborate on questions and hear from an expert source on the best solution, so that you can share the knowledge and save time all round.

Contract Insight – contract management software from Four

Contract Insight is state-of-the-art intelligent contract management software from Four Business Solutions that is easy to use, simple to install and reduces your total cost of contracts.

• It’s a Windows PC based contract management software solution, with systems hosted on Microsoft Internet Technologies, utilising Windows Servers, .NET technologies and Microsoft’s MS SQL Server Database to store and retrieve data faster and more reliably.

• Security features include dedicated firewalls, monitored ports, monitored logs, backups, failover facilities, private web, private databases and server scans; all with username and password authentication.

• Contract Insight Enterprise can be either installed on your company’s servers or hosted as a Cloud-based SaaS solution. On-site help is available from our team, or you can allow Four Business Solutions to manage the solution via our cloud deployment.

If you’d like a free trial to understand how Contract Insight can boost your business, please call me, John O’Brien, on 0800 6250 025.

John O’Brien is the CEO at Four Business Solutions, global business consultants and software integrators providing business processes improvements in Finance, Supply Chain & Operations, across a broad range of industries.