Contracts, contracts everywhere. Contract management software could make all the difference to your contracts library.

We’ve got expiring contracts, renewing contracts, under-performing contracts, contracts we’re not sure about, fledgling contracts, contracts we’re considering, contracts we’ve not yet dreamt of.

The possibilities of cloud help us reach anyone, easily, wherever they are, whenever we choose, to a degree we’ve never experienced before. And as a result, the contracts that form the basis of our global business are growing arms and legs.

There’s so much confusion about the possible direction of business today, and as politics – here and abroad – encroaches on our lives in every direction, the less time we spend on contract management the better. Giving us more time to focus on the day to day.

A snapshot of every contract, at every stage, whenever you need it, would be the ideal. So, do you need a team dedicated to contract management, cataloguing the requirements and expectations of your partners, suppliers and customers? If that’s a luxury you can afford, great, but even so that won’t entirely put any concerns you have to bed.

Freedom to focus on your business

We’re human. We make mistakes. And generally speaking, we’ve got more to deal with in our daily working lives than the lifecycle of our contracts. So, anything that helps us just get on with the day to day can make a huge difference.

That snapshot of all of the different stages of our contracts, all of the time – well that’s what we do. Or more specifically, Four provides the software that helps take care of all of your needs, no matter where you’re at in the contract lifecycle. And on any given day, that probably means every stage across your library of contracts.

Contract Insight – for the whole contract lifecycle

Contract Insight software from Four covers all stages of contract management. We’ve defined eight stages across the lifecycle of a contract which include:

  • requests
  • authoring
  • negotiations
  • approval
  • execution
  • obligation
  • compliance
  • renewals

It really is possible to tie your contract management requirements down to these stages. And by taking the pain out of the process and easing the demands of management, Contract Insight can free you up to focus on the day to day demands of your business.

The key benefits of Contract Insight

  • Reduce the time spent on managing your contracts
  • Increase the productivity of your workforce
  • Make it easier to identify and address risks
  • Negotiate the best deal for your business

Saving you time

At the beginning of a contract, the whole process of creation, negotiation, approval and renewal can be time-consuming and frustrating. Reliance on a range of disparate stakeholders can create bottlenecks and make it easy for progress to stall. Contract Insight speeds things up here because you can use the word-like editors within the programme – or MS Word itself – to drag and drop clauses from the library of approved contract terms. And you can easily compare versions of the contract as your negotiations progress.

Getting the most from your team

In addition to automating some common contract workflow processes, Contract Insight can help improve your employee productivity simply because it can actually eliminate some steps in the contract development process. Criteria provided means that some information can be automatically routed to the right contacts, so you don’t have to step in to manage all the steps.

Reducing your risk

The central repository which Contract Insight gives you, means that all your valuable information and sensitive data is held in the one place, and so it immediately reduces your risks and potential losses. All the different departments with a stake in the process can access the information they need, with the right security, in one place.

Keeping you profitable

Because you can see exactly where you are, with all of your contracts, all of the time, you’re in the best possible position to negotiate new and re-negotiate existing contracts. So, all your focus can go into getting the best possible deal for you and your business.

One less thing to worry about

We all want to save time, money, keep safe, be more productive. When it comes to contract management, Contract Insight helps with all of these things. Does it sound like something you could do with in your organisation?

To find out more about how Contract Insight can help address your business needs why not contact me at [email protected]?