Competition for customers is tough in every industry, so you need to take advantage of all available opportunities when growing your business. Your competitors will almost certainly have some dissatisfied customers, which gives you the opportunity to tempt their unhappy customers into buying from your business. Here’s how to win customers from your competitors.

Listen to Online Chatter

Social media, customer forums, business review websites and other online platforms can be a mine of useful information for businesses, as these platforms enable you to find out what people are saying about your competitors. Customer complaints can provide valuable insight into your competitor’s operations, failures and weak spots. Spend some time reading complaints and posts written about your competitors.

Analyse What Your Competitors Are Doing Wrong

Customer complaints are often wide and varied, but you can usually find a common thread that runs through the majority of complaints, such as poor customer service, faulty products, slow delivery times or high prices. Finding this common thread is the key to planning a successful strategy for stealing your competitor’s customers.

Look For Ways to Provide A Better Service

Once you’ve identified how your competitors are failing their customers, you can use this information to create your plan. Brainstorm ideas for turning their weaknesses into your strengths. For example, if customers are complaining about slow delivery times, you should focus on providing express delivery options and using a reliable delivery service.

Find a Way to Reach Your Target Audience

Next, you need to think about how you’ll reach your target audience. Focus on highlighting the your company benefits, paying special attention to the benefits that will appeal to your competitor’s unhappy customers. Avoid making negative statements about your competitors, as this can appear unprofessional and may even lead to legal action.

Stealing customers from your competitors is a simple way to increase your market share and boost sales. Listening to online chatter, analysing what your competitors are doing wrong, looking for ways to provide a better service and finding a way to reach your target audience will make it easier to win customers from your competitors.

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