Probably one of the simpler solutions to archive websites permanently is to save the webpage as an offline copy on your hard drive. That way you don’t even need an internet connection to see it. If you’re performing research, saving the websites to a folder on your computer will help collate all the information you need that can be accessed offline and shared with others easily. If you just right-click a web page and click “Save as…” it will save a website in a HTML format. While this does work, it might not be ideal for sharing or reading later. A much more convenient way to archive websites permanently is by saving them as PDF files. If you use Chrome, you can find a “Save as PDF” option when printing a web page. Just go to print it as normal, then click to change the device and select the PDF option. Instead of printing a physical copy, Chrome will simply save the page as a PDF on your computer. If you’re using a different browser, a different browser , there are several plugins and websites available. If you just want to save the text on a webpage simply copy-paste the text into a word processor of your choice and save it for safekeeping.