What if innovative contract management software meant exactly that? If the software you were considering to help you manage your contracts could be configured to meet your exact business needs, and keep you abreast of the latest technological capabilities? And – more than that – if your chosen software could be further developed to include capabilities that will drive your business forward as your market evolves? Capabilities that you don’t yet know that you need…

Innovation is key

It’s clear how important innovation is for business success. At Four, we can’t possibly know your business as well as you do. But we can work with you to map out exactly how we can best configure our cutting-edge software to meet your current needs. And as your partner, together we can determine your future needs. We’ll support your competitive advantages with software that adapts to your needs rather than forcing you to adapt to ours.

We’re in good company. Innovation in commercial contracts is not without precedent and we’re starting to understand just how critical the contract is to the functioning of our modern society.  For innovation in action welcome to Contract Insight contract management software.

Innovation in action

We’re motivated by your success. We have a history of helping organisations improve their contract governance by giving them a platform to efficiently negotiate, develop, store and renew contracts with maximum ease and minimum fuss. We’ll give you all the standard features of contract management software but you’ll find our innovative approach unique.

Contract Insight is the only solution that can be quickly configured to your current and future needs by user-definable fields, user-definable grids, merging templates and fully web-based workflow alerts.  Our sales and professional services teams will support and explain any aspect of our software, and how it can be successfully shaped and implemented within your organisation.

You’re in control

Contract Insight places you in control of your contracts and business commitments by giving you a comprehensive solution. It will help you and your fellow professionals manage contracts and compliance more easily, mitigate risk, track costs, receive alerts, sign documents and reduce contract management costs, and administration time. Generally speaking, Contract Insight gives you web-based access, software on premises and Software-as-a-Service.

First off, you get a central repository for all your contracts and agreements. There’s unlimited storage and you can easily search, sort and link related contracts. You control access, determining the level of permissions you’d like to set, and you can securely share contracts between approved parties.

Your flexible friend

A key feature of the contract management enabled by Contract Insight is its flexibility. It allows you to:

  • manage any type of contract, committal or agreement over its full lifecycle
  • create and draft contracts from templates
  • set up email and calendar alerts and workflow tasks
  • track key vendor, customer and contract information
  • configure user designed fields as necessary
  • scan, attack and track files and documents
  • track contract pricing, budgeting and transactions
  • search and report.

All of this comes with a complete audit trail and a fully configurable dashboard for each user. Contract Insight also enables contract collaboration and negotiation between multiple parties. You can use our portal module to negotiate your contracts online whether you are the vendor or the client. And our electronic signature capabilities mean that the entire process can be carried out online. Saving you both time and money.

Stress-free authoring

When it comes to writing the contracts themselves, Contract Insight gives you a user-friendly interface with two options: 1) a basic document template creator which offers various templates and versions, all of which have MS Word and PDF export capabilities; 2) an advanced document template creator for more complex agreements.

We’ve also incorporated a clause library so you’ve got access to approved legal language, and the option to designate alternative language clauses with friendly names. And versioning control means your customers and colleagues can avoid confusion while the contract is being developed.

Peace of mind

In this digital age, security concerns are paramount for businesses across the globe. Contract Insight enables you to freely customise the levels of permissions that you need, and secure employee or client/vendor access is based on assigned security groups which you determine. You can securely store your documents, controlling access as necessary. We also offer full audit trail capabilities and optional SSL encryption of all data. Vendor compliance tracking capabilities – which help you maintain contract and compliance standards – will also add to your peace of mind.

Truly global

Contract Insight also includes comprehensive language support, and screen translations are provided for English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and Chinese. Other languages – relevant to you and your business – can be configured on request.

What about reporting and analytics?

We’re focused on unlocking the full value of the Big Data that surrounds us. Contract Insight enables you to create and save reports on all contract record data fields so you don’t miss out on valuable analysis. You can schedule reports to automatically run and be emailed to you, and you can set up secure ad-hoc reporting. You can share your report with other users and export your results to MS Word, Excel or PDF. And an online report designer means that you can design and customise your report layouts.

And finally…

When you subscribe to Contract Insight, you’ll receive full support and training comprising full user manuals, onsite training, and online instruction – including e-video and learning tutorials.

Find out more about how we can help shore up innovation in your business by contacting John O’Brien on [email protected] or +44 (0) 800 6250 025.