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05 MarPharma and life sciences excellence with accelerated contracting

Pharmaceutical and life sciences organisations have a lot on their plate. Unfortunately, many organisations lack an efficient process to handle a myriad of contracts, clinical trials, promotions, supplies/goods, regulations and compliance standards. Consequently, these organisations may leave themselves unprotected from potential increased risk, delays, compliance violations, wasted time and squandered revenue. Here’s how you can improve life sciences and pharmaceutical contract management with accelerated contracting and compliance management.

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25 FebPower up contract data management with contract management software

Robust contract data management, contract analytics and contract data security provide the necessary insights and protection for organisations to cut contract lifecycle times with enhanced control, governance, security and visibility. You can transform contracts into powerful, data-driven sources of business intelligence that support contract strategy, contract management KPIs and goals with the help of leading contract management software.

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17 Feb3 real estate contract management software KPIs for success

Managing various real estate contracts can be challenging, especially when relying on disparate methods such as wet-signatures, paper contracts, shared drives, filing cabinets, and paper-based negotiations. Whether you’re a real estate broker, real estate agent, property manager or other real estate contract management professional, a centralised contract management software platform with specific, value-driven KPIs can significantly streamline your contract lifecycle management processes – reducing contract mismanagement and saving you valuable time.

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12 FebContract Insight 17.8.0

Contract Insight® Enterprise Version 17.8.0 has arrived, delivering visionary features and enhancements to supercharge your contract management software suite.
In order to help your organisation successfully meet and exceed contract management, vendor management, eProcurement and eSourcing goals, future-minded features and enhancements have been added to Contract Insight for an impressively low-friction, scalable, and user-friendly software experience.

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01 FebContract Insight fast: a contract management crash course

Read this blog for a rapid, high-level, general overview of Contract Insight®, its purpose, and some of its key features.
Let’s get started with your Contract Insight crash course.  Most organisations from a wide variety of industries provide products and services. Their processes often require partners – such as vendors, suppliers, customers and subcontractors.

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