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08 MayFour must-have contract management system features

2021 has already brought many enhancements and innovations to contract management automation – and contract management technology will not stop enhancing contract management processes any time soon. Your organisation could be missing out on user-friendly and future-minded contract management system tools. As such, here is a list of four must-have contract management software features for a streamlined, simplified, cost-effective, and configurable process for increased ROI.

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CobbleStone Software VISDOM AI Contract Management

21 Apr4 ways VISDOM AI creates smarter contracts

VISDOM® AI is Contract Insight’s proprietary, AI based contract management engine with machine learning. VISDOM can simplify contract administration for a wide variety of industry professionals by unifying people and processes thanks to a seamless integration between AI and contracts. Learn the 4 main VISDOM features that can help contract management software system users maximise Four’s acclaimed source-to-contract management software suite – Contract Insight® – in an ever more future-minded legal technology landscape.

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14 AprHow do I build my contract lifecycle management system?

Companies of all sizes within both the public and private sectors often find themselves manoeuvering multiple contracts at once – with said contracts progressing at various stages of the contract lifecycle. As such, they must build an efficient, organised and cost-effective contract lifecycle management process that helps with all stages of the contract lifecycle. Read on to learn how to get started building a strong and centralised contract lifecycle process – as well as how this can be significantly simplified and improved with the right strategy.

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09 AprSix critical contract management tools for 2021

2021 has arrived, and with it comes new innovations to your contract management software processes. Keeping this in mind, we have outlined six critical contract management tools that your organisation should equip itself with to stay ahead of future-minded contract management best practices in 2021 and beyond.

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23 MarHow to maximise construction contract management

Managing various construction contracts can be a challenging process to coordinate and streamline – especially when dealing with multiple stakeholders and ranging construction project timelines. Relying on disparate contract management methods – such as postal mail, wet-signatures, filing cabinets, emails, shared drives and paper-based negotiations – can waste precious time and energy. With the help of a streamlined construction contract management software, you can centralise and streamline your processes, and capture full contract lifecycle management oversight from contract requests to renewals, especially with the help of integrated eSourcing software that streamlines construction project bidding.

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