The latest release of Contract Insight® – Enterprise Version 17.6.0 – has arrived with new enhancements to improve your eSourcing and contract management software. New, valuable features include:

  • intelligent automated document template merging
  • enhanced drag and drop record creation
  • our dedicated MS Outlook plug-in
  • quick search recommendations
  • workflow task improvements
  • streamlined vendor requests
  • centralised sub table data entry
  • IntelliSign℠ electronic signature tool
  • consolidated bid management

and can provide your team with the tools needed to meet and surpass your contract management, sourcing and procurement goals.

Intelligent, automated document template merging

Contract Insight 17.6.0 features intelligent document template merging.  This helpful addition automates your contract writing process for workflow-initiated document creation, eliminating the need for a manual document merge and creation process, and significantly streamlining the contract lifecycle. Based on the key data selected for template merging, Contract Insight’s mergeable content feature gives you easy to use template placeholders, reducing the common errors caused by manually typing or copying/pasting information into a contract.

With intelligent automated workflows, your system can generate a document or group of documents using the appropriate template for new contract, request, bid, purchase order, employee or supplier records.

Quick search: intelligent search recommendations

In Contract Insight 17.6.0, quick search is enabled to provide search recommendations and alternate terms suggestions for commonly misspelled words or phrases – reducing tedious search term re-entry of intended searches.

MS Outlook plug-in

Contract Insight 17.6.0 integrates the MS Outlook PC plug-in for simple, user-friendly contract management directly from your desktop MS Outlook. Users with permission can use this easily navigable and prominent main menu ribbon to upload files from Outlook to Contract Insight and easily add or update contract, request, bid, purchase order, employee and vendor records. And Outlook can be leveraged to extract key data from attachments with VISDOM® AI-powered, intelligent contract creation.

Workflow task management improvements

Contract Insight provides options to establish a workflow process that can be tailored directly to your organisation’s needs. In addition to standard workflow task options for administrators – such as ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ – administrators can easily configure additional options that support your unique processes, and those options can be set to either keep a task open or close a task – diversifying workflow task management.

Your Contract Insight administrators can also configure different status options for different record types (Contracts, Requests, Vendors, Purchase Order, e-Sourcing and Employees) as well as the appearance of colour-coded task options in task alert emails. And a workflow task history button provides you with improved workflow oversight by displaying the tracked history of a given workflow task.

Enhanced drag and drop record creation

With the release of Contract Insight version 17.4.0, users were introduced to VISDOM® AI-powered contract record creation with easy drag and drop record initiation for contract, request, bid, purchase order, employee and vendor records.  With Contract Insight Enterprise 17.6.0 you have even more control over record creation with a user-friendly drag and drop work queue. This allows your system users to drag and drop a file into a work queue and return to pending files to manage them at a later time.  Your organisation benefits from with simplified and centralised record creation.

Once a file is placed in the work queue, you can access it from the main menu.  In the queue, a file can be previewed, used to create a new record, attached to an existing record or assigned to an employee – all in one convenient location.

Enjoy comprehensive command over intelligent, AI-based record initiation

  • Simplified vendor requests – vendors initiating requests on Contract Insight’s Vendor Gateway can enjoy a streamlined, efficient system. The process of adding a new request record features autofill of key vendor information fields such as contact names, email addresses, and phone numbers.  Additionally, a confirmation message has been added to trigger once a request is submitted so that users know that their request has been entered.
  • Easier pricing and sub table data entry – with enhanced input of contract details in Contract Insight, sub tables like pricing, budget schedule and milestones can be displayed and managed on the Add page when users are adding new contracts, requests, solicitation records, purchase orders, company records, and employee records.  Sub table data can easily be entered right from the record details page.

IntelliSign: advanced document collaboration and e-signatures

IntelliSign is an even more configurable, streamlined and user-friendly document collaboration and electronic signing tool. With its user-friendly interface, your organisation can easily add external signers, employee signers and company contacts to the signing process faster by selecting them from a list, rather than needing to manually enter their information.  This feature can improve the user experience and reduce data entry errors for a more accurate and efficient collaboration and contract approval process.  From there, users can leverage pre-defined, saved signatures for quick and easy signing. For increased security during the signing process, all types can be set up to require a secure pin to access the portal.

Consolidated bid responses and evaluation

Contract Insight’s source-to-contract management software can simplify and consolidate the vendor survey process for prospective vendors. You can enjoy greater control over the process with the ability to specify the number of documents vendors require for upload.  The number of required submissions for line items and custom data entry sub tables can also be set.  In turn, your organisation can receive a consistent set of RFP responses more tailored to your preferences. Additionally, a new and improved review page displays respondents’ answers in an organised fashion for easier viewing, management and evaluation.

Explore these new features

In addition to the robust and helpful tools mentioned above, Contract Insight version 17.6.0 also offers:

  • enhanced employee management
  • more robust configuration options for ad-hoc report charts
  • advanced file search
  • additional system executive graphical dashboards
  • expanded file categories on the Vendor Gateway
  • help text for various Contract Insight tasks
  • various system display enhancements
  • easier system dashboard assignment.

Get Started with Contract Insight 17.6.0

Contract Insight is a cloud-hosted (SaaS) or deployed (on-premise) contract management solution.  The acclaimed platform is trusted by thousands of professionals for their contract management, legal document managementprocurement and sourcing needs.  Used by many Fortune 500 companies, Contract Insight gives you real time visibility into your contracts. It doesn’t just shore up your security; it will help you meet contract compliance regulations, centralise your contract management and improve your overall contract administration process.

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